Providing a quality product and simple, efficient service to your door

Providing a quality product and simple, efficient service to your door

Viva Vino will supply wine to your home, function, party or event.

Viva Vino offers a very straight forward, simple and excellent function service.
All you need to do is simply:
  • Decide on your wine
  • Place an order, including the amount needed (then add a sensible buffer, remember its sale or return)
  • State if you require the chilling service
  • State if you require the Free Glass Loan (No need to wash-up service included)
Before the function Viva Vino will:
  • Be more than happy to advise on types and quantities of wine required
  • Chill and pack the wine in specialist coolboxes
  • Deliver your wine and any required glassware, to your stated location at a time that suits you
After the function Viva Vino will:
  • Collect glassware
  • Collect coolboxes
  • Collect any un-opened wine
  • All at a time that suits you

CHILLING SERVICE - Delivered at the perfect temperature.

Why not take advantage of this excellent service ensuring perfectly chilled wines, ready to serve, for your special event. Your chosen wines are refrigerated overnight, loaded into our professional coolboxes, and then layered with ice packs, prior to delivery. Relax in the knowledge that your wine will keep cold for up to 48hours. Delivery can therefore take place the day before your event if required. The charge for this service is only £2.50/dozen bottles.

FREE GLASS LOAN - There's no need to wash up!

We are pleased to offer a range of ‘Savoie’ glassware for your function, free of charge, provided you are buying our wine and are not using the glass for any other purpose. Glasses are delivered boxed, they are machine washed, hand polished and ready to use. Please draw glasses from boxes as you need them to avoid mixing used and unused glasses. Please empty used glasses and stand upright, unwashed, in their boxes. Breakages are charged at £1.60 each, or £2.50 for the larger 250ml wine glass.


You may or may not know that before I became Mr Viva Vino I ran a deli for five years. From that I have a depth of knowledge, especially in British Artisan Cheese, and great connections for deli stuff. If you would like a tub of olives or a wheel of cheese for your function then please do ask me, I should be able to offer a very competitive price for you needs and if I can’t help I am certain that I have a contact who can!.


At Viva Vino we are very proud to have over a hundred wines on our list, the majority of which are priced between £6 and £10, for those that aren’t certain of which wines they want a list of this size may seem a little confusing, however do not fear advice is free and happily given. Just call or email Chris and he will put some suggestions together for you.

Please note the more info you can provide about your requirements, the better Chris can guide your choice, e.g Wedding, Summer Garden Party, Christmas Dinner, Christening, Canopies, Chairty Fund Raiser, type of food etc etc.

Chris is available to take calls Mon to Friday 9am to 2pm and 5pm to 7:30pm or on a Saturday morning from 9:30 until midday

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I’ve always loved food and wine. If you ask my mum, when I was a toddler, my parents used to buy their wine from an independent merchant who would visit us at home—apparently, I could always tell when the man from “slosh-bottle-hein” was coming! Growing up, I was lucky enough to be taken to many a fine restaurant and pub, which I suppose is where my passion really began.

After graduating from catering college in the mid-nineties I landed the manager’s post at Que Pasa in Leicester, where I discovered my love for independents and real, on-the-job learning. I had a really fun and successful year, then decided it was time to move on and see the world. I trained as a cocktail bartender for Princess Cruises and enjoyed a few seasons working both the Caribbean and the Alaskan runs.

I then travelled some more, using my catering skills to fund myself, and was lucky enough to visit, and sample, many of the ‘New World’ wine making regions. My travels took me mountain biking in the foothills of the Andes, visiting vineyards and staying hydrated thanks to the Malbec in my water bottles, and working at the Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne, buying the traders’ leftovers, rustling up a bargain feast, and washing it all down with something from the Yarra Valley.

After almost a decade of travelling and working overseas, I settled in Rutland and took on the Horse & Panniers, spending three happy years there. Then I met Emily and, in order to keep the girl, gave up the pub, moved in with her, and took the manager’s post at the busy Salvador Deli in Leicester, which, for a lover of food and wine like me, was the perfect job.

I married Em in July 2011—we had a picnicstyle wedding, hampers full of deli goodies on every table and plenty of Viva Vino wine to celebrate with. I was already familiar with Viva Vino and its founder, Neil, but my own wedding was when I really came to understand what a brilliant business it is: an excellent service of quality wines, delivered hassle-free, at the right temperature, ready to drink, with glasses that you don’t have to wash up. Plus, extra wine that you can return—so no fear of running out!

So, there I was—happily married, working at a deli, developing my knowledge of food and wine, and sharing in my father-in-law’s hobby of owning the Fox & Goose pub at Illston on the Hill, enjoying its great ales and even greater Viva Vino wines—when, on a family holiday in the summer of 2015, I get a call from Neil. He’d decided that, after 25 years of building the Viva Vino business, it was time to sell.

It was a no-brainer. Without sounding too much like a 1980s razor commercial—I liked the product so much, I bought the company!

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Below you will find a list of the people I have the utmost pleasure in working with, and can't reccomend their services highly enough!

The Langton Brewery - Bottles, Polypins, Casks...

Anne Thomposon-Royds Catering, based in Northamptonshire. 01327707844

Alex Marshall Caterer, based in Langham, Oakham, Rutland 01572722954

Sara Mcallister Caterer, based in Rutland, 07778 227734

Valerie Day Caterer, based in Billesdon Leicestershire 0116 2596353

The Rutland Marquee Company, 01780 729201


Chris is available to take calls Mon to Friday 9am to 2pm and 5pm to 7:30pm or on a Saturday morning from 9:30 until midday.

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